Monthly Archives: September 2010 Inspiration was a favorite topic in most of the filmed stories of artists and writers. The only trouble was that it was dead-wrong. How to play the old French parlor game, called The Exquisite Corpse
How does one see the impossible? Sometimes by means of the paradoxical. So who is to say that one person’s world vision is truer than another’s?
Wood engravings have several advantages as collage source material. First, a large number of wood engravings still exist, depicting almost every type of subject matter known to 19th century society, and many have been republished in large anthologies. Second, wood engravings can be easily…

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! is my main blog. Musings on collage in general and surrealist collage in particular, liberally seasoned with wit and the philosophy of art. the RetroCollage blog presents interesting facts and theories about the relationships among collage and vision, ancestral memory, and the cultural collective unconscious. The site also promotes the appreciation and use of wood engravings as source material for collage, honoring the work of collage masters past and present: Max Ernst, Joseph Cornell, Sätty, Jim Harter, and others.