Happy 107th Birthday, Joseph Cornell!

Joseph Cornell (born Nyack, New York on 24 December 1903 – died Queens, New York on 29 December 1972) was an American sculptor, collagist, & film-maker, who is generally credited with being the first artist to elevate shadow-box assemblage to the status of high art, becoming one of its greatest practitioners. Cornell’s work also exerted a pervasive if subtle influence on the graphic and decorative arts that continues to this day.

Cornell did not study art-making formally, but in common with many boys raised in late Victorian times, he received elementary training in simple manual arts according to the Kindergarten principles of the German educator Friedrich Froebel (Cornell’s mother was trained as a kindergarten teacher). Cornell also learned to make simple toys and decorations from how-to manuals like The Boy’s Own Book, a 19th-century encyclopedia of pastimes, games, and crafts, which among other things taught how to make simple shadow boxes from scrap wood and plate glass.
Continued, with a new homage collage to Joseph Cornell, at http://ping.fm/qfmu5…joseph-cornell/

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